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WASPS (After School Club)


After School Club - every afternoon from 15:10pm - 18:00, Monday - Thursday and 15:10pm - 17:45pm Fridays.

WASPS is a private childcare company, who provide after-school care for children at Salfords Primary.

WASPS have themed evenings, for example; games and puzzles, arts and crafts, badminton, table tennis and occasionally a movie night. We do have a playstation and a wii - the children decide what they want to do.

We provide refreshments; water, milk, fruit and other healthy snacks.

There is a television to watch and a selection of DVD's. Weather permitting they can also play outside.

The cost is £8.50 per session, 2nd child at £8.00 per session.

To make a booking or an enquiry, please call Sandi on 07525154623.

Should parents have questions or concerns these should be directed to WASPS, as they are not employees of the school.